• Tailored Marketing Solutions

    One size never fits all. We work with businesses and organisations to assist them best connect with their customers and various stakeholders.
  • Your "On-Call" Marketing Team

    Lean on our experience when you need marketing expertise whether for a specific project or on a retainer basis.
  • Our Experience Gives You Results

    Our work revolves around planning various business activities with a marketing focus to ensure a competitive advantage that provide concrete results.
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  • Marketing
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  • Outside the Box

Responding to your needs

Marketing solutions need to be responsive and within budget constraints. We work with you to quickly identify and plan the best way forward.

The benefit to you

A tailored marketing solution that works hard to get you results.

The right website

Today websites are the face of an organisation. Our expertise will assist you find the right level of web technology and appropriate design to be effective with the audience you wish to target.

The benefit to you

A cost effective web solution that responds to your changing needs and gets seen.


There are so many online communication options. No gun shot approach with Planning Results. Let us work through the best options for maximal exposure.

The benefit to you

Online communications that works hard to bring you results.


Sometimes projects or tactics do not fit neatly into any specific category. With our vast experience and working with you, we can provide workable outcomes.

The benefit to you

Peace of mind, knowing you have an experience team working for you.

Making Enviro News - A Valuable Resource

With Making Enviro News our aim is simple – utilising our extensive expertise, we want to provide you with easy access to what’s going on, so that you can make more informed decisions.