Planning Results operates as a Marketing Coach

There is no such thing as one size fits all. Each client, each project has variables that must be carefully considered but there is always a solution.

Planning results aims to assist clients to identify business opportunities and find the appropriate means which will turn them into an advantage, generating the desired outcomes.

Experienced in working with B2B or B2C marketing. Planning Results has worked with various sized businesses from small to medium enterprises to large organisations.

Clients may be uncertain what direction is required. Clients may not have the experience to appreciate the resources required to achieve their desired goal. Izabella works with clients to understand their specific issue, their market, their competitors, find ways for customers to see their value and achieve their desired results. It is about listening, matching the appropriate direction to the outcome and available budget.

Here are some of the ways it can be done:

  • General marketing consultancy (from market analysis to developing strategies to execution)
  • Narrative development
    • Strategic narrative
    • Stakeholder narrative
    • Customer narrative
  • Content marketing
  • Communication support – finding suitable media and designing the message(s)
  • Message coordination –  assisting you create the right content for the various media used
  • Background research – target markets, competitors, whatever is needed to fill in the picture
  • Writing/editing/coordinating submissions to make the client stand out and be noticed
  • Writing/editing/coordinating documents that are relevant and in the appropriate ‘speak’ to connect with the targeted audience
  • Assist with briefing various suppliers providing various allied marketing services including providing the appropriate documentation.
  • Work-shopping ideas, bringing them together and providing a direction of action.

A combination of experience, creativity and analytical skills is how Planning Results gets the job done.